Grief Assurance


Grief Assurance is a serio-comedy about a motley group of part-time professional funeral mourners who are paid to attend funerals and cry for complete strangers. However, when a familiar face is suffering, they fail miserably at what they should do best.

Written & Directed by Zack Wilson
Produced by Lee Sacks
Line Produced by Chris Spinato
Art Direction by Krista Pelen

Alex Krasser
Alyssa Denea Duerksen
Angelica Duncan
Michael Radoja
Paul Hansom

Total Running Time : Approximately 30 minutes
Release : May 5, 2007



Common Change

Each and every day, the homeless Joel Gray wanders the Ithaca commons and collects two dollars and thirty eight cents – the cost of a small vanilla latte at Juna's coffee shop.  Each and every day, a woman waits inside to greet his familiar face with the warmth of the open arms the rest of the world can't seem to offer him.  But when this fragile stranger finally reaches out to Sally, can she turn her back on the life she knows to pull him out from within himself?  How much will two strangers give for a coffee break worth two dollars and a moment of clarity in life?  

Writer & Director : Catherine Lena Stephani
Producer : Zack Wilson
Associate Producer : Lee Sacks

Marisa Dargahi  
Jared Zirilli  
Jeremy Jordan  
Jeffrey Schara  
Jessica Caiola 

Total Run Time : Approximately 17 Minutes
Release : Early May (Estimated)